Coronavirus (COvid-19) appointments

I am now offering face-to-face appointments, however, for those who I am unable to see or who who would prefer an alternative, I am still offering online and telephone consultations


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Face-To-face appointments

From Monday the 15th June 2020 I will be offering face to face consultations. 


Although I am prepared and equipped to see patients, this unfortunately does not signal a return to “normal”. Please be reassured by the following measures I have put in place based on current government and professional body guidelines.

  • I will be wearing full PPE. This will include an apron,  eyewear and an FFP3 grade face mask (a higher grade than the current recommendations of a Type IIR surgical mask).

  • I will be following consistent hygiene measures, including leaving time between patients in order to sanitise surfaces, allow adequate ventilation and mitigate any unnecessary cross-over of patients.

  • All patients must wear a face mask and sanitise their hands upon arrival. A disposable mask will be provided if you do not have one.  

  • If any of the following apply to you, an online appointment will be offered only.

    • You or a member of your household have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

    • You have been informed by the NHS 'Test and Trace' programme that you have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

    • You are displaying symptoms of COVID-19. These include a new cough, fever, sore throat, change in taste or smell or any other new symptom which is consistent with a viral infection. I will run through these questions with every patient before booking the appointment

If any of these apply to you after you have made your

appointment, please cancel. No cancellation fee will be incurred.

  • If any measures are unsatisfactory, the appointment will be rearranged and I will make amendments to the best of my ability; my priority is to ensure that you all feel and are as safe as possible.


During face to face consultations, all patients must wear a mask, sanitise their hands and have their temperature checked upon arrival. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided. 

In line with current guidance, I will be wearing full PPE and taking additional hygiene measures, including leaving time between patients in order to sanitise surfaces, allow time for ventilation and limit crossing-over of individuals. 

You can book an appointment through my appointments page or by contacting me directly 

I will be continuing to offer online consultations via Zoom, or other video meeting software if necessary. These will be available to all patients, even those at low risk, as I understand than many people may still be apprehensive about social contact or want to limit non-essential travel. The feedback from these has been positive and I have been able to offer adequate advice and self-management to the vast majority of patients who have requested these in the last 18 months.


Although no hands-on treatment will be possible, all of my consultations focus on:


  • Discussing symptoms and general health.

  • Providing a diagnosis and management plan where appropriate.

  • Advising on pain relief.

  • Providing and demonstrating individualised exercise and rehabilitation based on your symptoms and needs.

  • Discussing goal-setting and coping strategies in order to better manage your symptoms and return to activities.

  • And most importantly keeping up to date with how you are feeling about your symptoms and how the current situation is affecting you.

Whilst I understand that this will not replace a face-to-face conversation, I will still be able to provide these elements of our consultation and send advice over email afterwards if necessary. Good research evidence has demonstrated that remote consultations provide good patient satisfaction and improve outcomes in patients managing long-term conditions. I hope that this arrangement will allow me to continue to help my patients in the coming months....


Connecting via Zoom is easy and no log-in is required; I will send you a personalised link which will allow you access our appointment on a PC or via the Zoom app.


As per usual, I will be available through my usual means of contact for any general questions or advice:

07905 141995

Please pick up the phone if you have any worries or even simply need a chat!